Saturday, October 27, 2007

flying bumble bee pooh

love at first sight!!! no regrets for this!!!! "i believe i can fly" ~~~

Large pooh machine

this machine is twice as tall as the yujin mini machine... ... it does come with mickey as well but since itz pretty costly thus i only got pooh ... ...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

yujin disney mini machine - series 4

this set is finally here!!! a long waited set... thou this set has only 5 to collect but overall i would say this set is the best mini machine series... ... every individual is different from the previous series!!!

Yujin Disney Characters Charaballoon Flash Mascots

got this set from hongkong some time ago, but recently it is also available in singapore... ...

yujin disney keyholder set 1 & 2

juz don't understand y is piglet face bigger than pooh ... ...

yujin disney lantern set

almost forgot abt this set alreadi!!! got it from hongkong some time ago... coz don't have enough box thus forgot till recently i saw ppl selling it online. then i remembered.. haha....

yujin disney bouncing characters set

when i first got this set .. wow this is bigger than i expected.... ... but pretty obvious because of pooh that i got this set ... ..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pooh Bobble Heads Toy Set

this is a free gift with purchase of cereal in australia. Full set 4 to collect!!!

yujin stitch keychain set

as you can see this is my first stitch set.... used to tink stitch is a cute character.. lucky i wasn't much into stitch if not i would haf been broke by now.. it seems like yujin haf more stitch products than pooh.... but this set is really too cute... could not resist but to collect a set as well....
pretty lucky onli had 1 extra and i got the full set alreadi.

yujin disney pot and mug set

wanted to get this set from hongkong but lucky it arrived in singapore in time... so i got this from vivo 'toy 'r' us.... heehhee...

Friday, October 5, 2007

得得地 Pooh (2nd posting)

got this bee outfit in bangkok!!! the moment i saw this outfit i grab it!!! coz i did not see it in singapore yet!!! don't my 得得地 Pooh look cute??? look closely , he really have the wings behide!!!

pooh as honey bee

sporty pooh

得得地 Pooh as Royal Musician

this is a limited edition costume!!!

yujin shake bean disney set

when i first saw this set on yujin webpage it didn't really attraction my attention. then i show this capsule machine at vivo since itz onli a dollar each thus i decided to get the full set... ... its quite cute afterall, u can shake them they really seems have beans inside!!!

pooh in fruits keychain

this is a pretty old set... ... but lucky my supplier hwee still have 1 set for me!!! tks!!

mickey, minnie , pooh , tigger & piglet figurine set

never seen this set anywhere before but they looked pretty cute thou... ... so i got them from ebay... ... hee hee...

pooh and friends figurine set

got this full set from the net. not very attractive or very special but itz a collection afterall... ...

disney store pooh and friends

dunnoe if u guys still remember there used to have a disney store in singapore at takashimaya??? got this set of toyz there. oh, i reali loved that place. during school days spent most of my pocket money & time in that shop!!! almost every weekend will go there with one of my best friend monica (whom no longer kept in touch) to look out for best deals and latest arrivals.... .... reali miss those days.....