Tuesday, July 31, 2007

musical pooh from bangkok

heehhee... got this gift from my colleague!!! this time is from jasmine who juz came back from bangkok!!! 算你懂得做人. hahaaa.... juz kidding anyway... thanks again.

yujin collections from hongkong

got this whole collection from hongkong!!! the changing face fruits pooh is a gift from evelin which she bought from hongkong. glad that i got this old yujin pooh collection which all along i wana get but cannot find it... heeehee...

yujin disney robots figurine

didn't like this set at first sight but becoz of POOH i decided to get it.but when i first got the feel og it, i tink this set of figurine is worth getting. they r soooo cute , their legs is like spring!! when i shake the box they juz bounce forward backward forwad backward... ...

yujin disney ring collection

saw this tikum machine some time ago but saw that it was a ring thus i did nt turn the eggy. but when i saw my friend's collection... ... itz really cute!!! so i decided to get it!!! and got tis from hongkong @ a very reasonable price.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

disney winnie the pooh box set tikum

my colleague evelin got this full box set from hongkong recently!!! which is not currently found in singapore!!!individual character comes in individual box which is ard 6cm tall. they are nt the usual tiny box which is onli 3.5cm! i simply love this set!!!!ain't they cute!!!!! thanks to my dear evelin!!! hehee.... seems like i made the right choice to approve yr leave!!! hahaa.... so those who wans me to approve yr leave shld know wat to do ya??? hahhaa.....

yujin disney mushroom light set

when i first saw this pic on yujin website i told myself i want this set!! but i could not wait for it the come to singapore thus i got this from my supporting supplier (Hwee) who got this from hongkong. thanks!!

disney sega angry pooh

haf u ever seen pooh angry??? haha... this is my first time seeing pooh angry!!! pooh is cute even he is angry!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

yujin penlight series 2

Disney Sega Prize Sweet Candy Tumblers

wat's the first impression when i see this.. .. i don't care. i wan this set of tumblers!!!!

disney tumblers set

was shopping around that day and happened to see a shop selling this set. when i saw this set there were onli 5 of them dale was not on display, so having dale is a bonus to mi!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

yujin disney stamps set

got this set from my colleague, huey shan coz she turn 4 extras. so i m short of peter pan and mickey. went to bishan the other day wif evelin and i felt so lucky coz 1 use $3 turn out a mickey, pooh & peter pan already!!!

pooh family figures set

saw this set online mths ago, but the price is a little steep. but recently the seller willing to offer mi at a much lower price. yeah!!!

disney figures set

i haf been aiming this set at the store for more then 2mths... ... and finally waited for this item to be on sale!!! licky no one else got it first... ...

cartoon character roller figures

i suppose this set is not from sanrio nor disney. As we can see there is a mixture of sanrio and disney characters here. but dun they look cute.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Zaini Xmas Set , Coca Cola Disney Xmas Set & Taiwan 7/11 Change face Pooh


wanted to collect this modern pet friend when i first show it @ the yujin website but could not find it, tot maybe onli sold in japan. so gaf up who noes last saturday while shopping wif my colleague (evelin) i saw this set!!! actuali they do have series 1 but the six characters dun haf any pooh friends onli haf stich which i dun mind keeping but the full set cost $48!! wah so ex!!!

here consist of 3 set of feves porcelain figures. ain't they cute. but haf to be reali careful coz they r reali very fragile!!!

disney cuties hp strap

i bought this set is very obvious because of pooh!! coz i like pooh in this dressing!! pilot coolz!! reminds mi of pearl harbour the movie... ... (don't ask my why...>>>)

this cuties so far cnt be found in singapore, that's y i got this from italy. so cute rite??
but true as wat my colleague(jasmine) ask mi how cum piglet onli haf 1. which i also duno y... ... haha...
maybe piglet is to small liao.. not much pattern liao hahaha...

Zaini Italy Egg Set

zaini is from eroupe, they r something like kinder surpirse each chocolate inside will haf a toy... pretty obvious i got this as a set. and not by eating those chocolates!! here we haf 3 sets.. ... it took me some time to wait for this product to reach mi.. ... coz the seller is from italy and germany.. ...