Monday, May 28, 2007

hongkong 7/11 winnie the pooh magnet!!

saw this set when i went to hongkong last july wif my mum and sister. with every hkg$20 spent at 7/11 u r given 1 peice. during tt few days gg to 7/11 is my everyday routine!!!! i do haf a regret .... .... that is i did not buy the booklet stand to put these magents in ... .... but of coz the full set is collected fully when i got back singapore... ...hhaa.. wea possible within a few days managed to get the full set!!!

disney pooh & piglet globe

don't be mistaken... this is not made of glass.... itz rubber. cool rite?? it can bounce too!!! this is the series 6 hope i can stil find the previous series.... ....

mini pooh plush handphone strap

first saw this little toy @ 7 eleven and i love @ fisrt sight!!! isn't it cute!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

winnie the pooh plush with pooh headband.

this bear is a gift from my ex colleague 'diana'. actually is because she is leaving the company and she dun wana bring home this pooh so she gaf it to mi... ... haha... they used to call this pooh a sick pooh coz of the color. juz got the headband for it from another colleague... isn't it cute???

taiwan edition doraemon magnets!!! not found in singapore!!!

saw this few items on the internet and found actuali taiwan 7/11 also haf the doraemon magnets juz that they haf the chinese characters of the country on the magnets whereas singapore verison they dun haf. these few r those special edition for taiwan version.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


this is a special additional hor.. .. only i haf this set in the world... ....