Monday, November 26, 2007

yujin animal set

i was way too fast in collecting the yujin products thus there is nothing much for me to turn already... so i saw this set and found it pretty cute thus decided to collect this set... ... to stop my itch for turning eggy... ...

disney sports collection box set

this set is not found in singapore yet. sold individually in a box . but when all joined together u look carefully on the background... itz shape of mickey !!!

winnie the pooh Universe danglers collection

for a long time finally pooh has finally came out new products in singapore for me to turn from the machines!!! thou i had quite a few xtras but i do enjoy the process... .... hehhee...

disney sega Mickey, Stitch & Pooh halloween set

hehe... this was 1 of the first few things i got from the net. but i pin it on my curtain thus forgot to take a gd pic of it to post it online. was sick recently thus happened to remeber to take a pic of it for u guys to see. isn't pooh cute with mickey dressing. haha....

pooh family crystal figurine

previously i do haf soemthing like that so i tot it was the same. BUt at a closer look they are different. this set is a full figurine. the other set was wif shaking heads. heeee....

pooh & friends tumbler set

have half of this set some time ago~~~ finally saw someone selling this full set!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

dragon ball mini machine set

actually i had put up this set lon time ago.... but forgot to take a picture of it and posting it online... ... sorry friends.. .. for the delay... ...

disney yujin 2007 halloween set

got this set from hongkong way b4 they have it in sinagpore.... but even when they are avaliable in singapore i still don't have the time to display it.... .... maybe i shld wait for it to arrive in singapore at least i haf the fun while turning the machine.... ...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Mini Machine Collections

hey hey.. ... all thanks to ivy koh who influenced me!!!!! now I have so many of these mini machines till date... ... anyway they are really cute... ...
doreamon series is coming soon... ...

Bandai keroro mini machine

of all the mini machine set i haf this is my favourite. coz this is the most similar to the original big capsule machine!!! and also the casing is more solid then the normal yujin colourful ones.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

yujin San-X Rilakkuma Bear mini machine

this set of mini machine was ivy koh who saw it first, but we were all excited over the yujin disney series 4 so we did not pay of attention to this set. till i browse ard and i got attracted to this set, thus decided to turn this set for keep sake... ...

yujin sanrio my melody & friends mini machine

saw this set sometime ago thou itz cute but did not get it. since now i am collecting mini machines so the first thing is to get back this set!!! hee....

yujin sanrio hello kitty & friends mini machine

oh no!!! wat m i doing!!! this is hello kitty!!! hahah..... tink i m being influence by ivy koh to collect mini machine!!! haha... saw her putting 2 sets on her desk reali looks cute!!!

Hongkong 7/11 Limited edition Scenery Pooh

this set is similar to runat pooh box set but this is limited edition and also this comes with their own scenery too!!!

disney sega solar pooh set & pooh clover set

the clover set i used to have missing pieces.... finally managed to get hold of the full set.
as for the solar set hmm... they reali can shake hahhaa...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Yujin Ocha Ken Mini Machine

got this set some time ago but no time to put it up ... ... actuali i pretty like the little pink cat ~~~

Saturday, October 27, 2007

flying bumble bee pooh

love at first sight!!! no regrets for this!!!! "i believe i can fly" ~~~

Large pooh machine

this machine is twice as tall as the yujin mini machine... ... it does come with mickey as well but since itz pretty costly thus i only got pooh ... ...