Saturday, August 25, 2007

disney winnie the pooh box set include special edition

really loved this set. they can be stacked in anyway u like. they each comes in their own box. cool!! dun nd to get additional box for them.

disney winnie the pooh box set ' special edition'

this is a similar set evelin bought from hongkong for mi. but this is the special edition!!!! wow!!! this set cost a bomb!!!!!

pooh birth stone gems set

didn't wana get this set actually, but it was reali cheap in hong kong!!!! behide each pooh is the birth month which looks reali cute. from my picture top row from left to right is january - june.
bottom row from left to right is july - december... ...

pooh heffalump movie large figures & tomy yujin disney pooh 100 acre wood mugs and plates set

been aiming this 2 set for some time but the price was pretty steep thus got help from hwee to look for these items at a much lower price!!!! thanks alot hwee!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

peek a pooh collection (4th posting)

peek a pooh series 3 special edition

got this fruit set from hongkong... .. dun tink they r from yujin... but who cares... hahaa...

Pooh Attaching Plush Set & Mcdonalds toys from Australia & Argentina

the eight pooh and friends set behide is from australia mcdonalds & the six train pooh figurine is from argentina mcdonalds... ...

aren't they cute?? they haf buttons on their hands and feet so that they can be attached together in anyway u like.. hheee...

Sega Disney Pooh Inflatable Balloon set & Yujin 18 pieces figurine set

got the 18 pieces figurines from hongkong!!! nver seen it in singapore before!!!