Wednesday, September 5, 2007

runat pooh box set

when i first saw this set on the internet oh... i am so excited!!! tinking when will it come to singapore... cannot wait to buy it!!!! finally i found this set in hongkong!!! very glad to find it finally!!! so can u guys find out which is the special figure set???
managed to see where's pooh in the special figure???
haha... its pooh's butt!!!! can u see it???

new yujin disney ice cream figurine set

simply love this set when i first saw it!!! currently not founf in singapore yet. could not wait anymore coz not all yujin products r sold in singapore thus i decided to get this set first!!! from the back view they reali love like ice cream!!! dun u agree??

tomy yujin disney pooh 100 acre wood mugs and plates 8 pieces set & yujin 10 pieces set kitchen set

dear winnie, this has been the long waiting set u r waiting to see on my website!!! i stayed up juz to post this up!!! happy viewing!!!

yujin pooh cup series 1 & 2

it took me reali alot of extra effort to complete getting this 2 sets of yujin cup series.

yujin disney sandals series

didn't reali like the idea of pooh being a pair of heels but still got this set for my collection. but there is a series 2 where those in heels is series will be slippers and those in slippers will be in heels... .... hope the other set will also be out to complete the set.

Monday, September 3, 2007

care bears figurine full set

initially onli wana get a set of 8 pieces. but when i realised they haf 4 different pattern and also i didn't know which to choose thus ended up taking all of them!!! hehe... anyway this is my first care bears figurine set!!!

yujin disney finger clap set

this set si a gift from my buddy Vivian who is from hongkong!!! how sweet of her to get this set for mi from hongkong and send it to me. thanks vivian!!! hee....

yujin pooh family furry figurine set

thanks to my colleague wee kiong who is willing to sell me this set of figurines which he actually bought for himself!!!! i did not expect to be able to get this set of furry figurines they are reali different from the rest nt plastic ones... i reali liked them. thanks wee kiong!!